DMR Simulcast System


EXCERA simulcast system is a broadcasting system with the same frequency based on DMR conventional system. This system is compatible with analog conventional simulcast system, supporting audio and data functions. The system supports a maximum of 32 base stations per control centre , and each carrier supports 2 communications simultaneously via 2 timeslots. The system adopt digital processing including audio transponding, digital switching, digital delay correcting. and successfully solved some key technological problems about same-frequency and same-phase in conventional simulcast system , all of these make EXCERA simulcast system has many prominent technical advantages, such as good voice quality, high security , low delay of communication. The system has good compatibility and expandability supporting landline calling, interconnection with trunking network, smart conventional access and data services.

Technical Features

DMR and analog conventional mode. 
Extensible 32 simulcast base stations per control centre. 
Multiple simulcast areas , and interconnect with different areas .
Real time Voting:Voice selecting technology in overlap area, the system selects a best voice frame through realtime voting. 
Centralized control centre , conventional controller and simulcast controller are centralized in one center,  each simulcast base station with olny RF components which is easy for maintenance.  
Digital transceiver with large LCD developed independently, modular and compact design, digital and analog mode, high reliability and stability .
E1/IP interface.  
Automatically measure transmission delay , accurate to 1μs .

Main Technical Patameters

Standard compliance                                                                                        ETSI DMR
Operation mode                                                                                                Digital and analog conventional mode
Clock synchronization                                                                                       Self-synchronization,GPS synchronization
Simulcast base station transmit frequency error                                               <1Hz@350MHz
Minimum field strength for Selecting                                                                 <1db
Simulcast base station selecting time                                                               <1ms
Simulcast base station selecting frequency                                                      <1/s, Configurable
Simulcast base station modulation error                                                           <1db
Link delay precision                                                                                          <1μs
Link delay testing method                                                                                 Automatic measurement or manual configuration
Audio delay                                                                                                      <200ms
Maximum number of base stations                                                                   32, Extensible
System Advantage
The BSs used in the system adopt the same frequency as the TX frequency and the RX frequency.
The system parameters can be configured via the NMC
The MS subscriber holds down the PTT key to talk.