Dispatcher Introduction


DMR dispatching station, hereinafter referred to as below, based on unified IP platform, adopts c/s architecture, is a regular wired dispatch subsystem of DMR, supports dispatch of multiple wired agents, and provides users with comprehensive DMR-based voice, data, location, etc. The network architecture of the DMR dispatching station is shown in the following diagram.

The dispatch server is the control core of the DMR dispatch subsystem.The dispatching server is connected to the DMR system, receives the call request of the mobile user, distributes the call of the user to the designated agent according to the agreed allocation principle, and receives the instructions of each dispatching station, and delivers the instructions to the DMR system.

The dispatching terminal can be an ordinary PC, install dispatch software, and then cooperate with the microphone to carry out the command and dispatch of the DMR regular user, no longer need a special agent phone or dispatching telephone, and realize the IP and software of the dispatch system.

Key Features :

 With call, monitor, recording, positioning, track playback, SMS and other functions

  Full IP architecture, support for 100 agent dispatch

  Support multiple maps, online and offline

 Support visual dispatch, can be called directly on the map

  Support split screen display, map display separately

 Support regional dispatch, different dispatchers define different dispatch ranges

 Professional mic design, with seat, hand, pedal PTT in various forms.