PDT Trunking System


●Complied with ETSI DMR Tier III /PDT Standard
●Flexible Networking (single site, city wide, nation wide) 
●Large Capacity and Big Regional Coverage
●IP Architecture
●Modular Design
Technical Features
●Adopt dual time slot TDMA technology and spectrum utilization is four times of MPT1327 system.
●Big regional coverage.
●Seamless hand-over and keep continuous communications when trans-regional.
●Support GPS and BeiDou positioning.
●More safety with encryption. 
●Digitalized voice and enhancing the anti-jamming ability, which ensuring the good voice quality.
Main Technical Parameters
●Signaling Standard                                               ETSI DMR/PDT
●Frequency Range                                                 350-400MHz, 400-470MHz, 136-174MHz
●Working Mode                                                       TMO/RMO
●Channel Space                                                     12.5KHz/Two Time-Slot 
●Modulation                                                             4FSK
●Connecting Time (Single BS)                                <240MS
●Connecting Time (Multiple BS)                              <700MS
●Access Interface                                                   10/100M Auto-adaptable Ethernet Interface 
System Advantage
●Completely IP Design and support remote maintenance, RADC and remote software upgrade.
●Adopt distributed and flattening design; the base station adopts unique design of transceiver hot backup, which makes sure the system can be hierarchical graceful degradation. 
●The transceiver is designed independently with the features of multiple working modes, high reliability, high integration, color display, etc.
●Compatible with digital and analog mode and smooth migration.
●Optional functions (such as call forwarding, IP/E1 link hot backup) can be customized according to different requirement.