Highlights of Excera at IWCE 2019

IWCE Expo2019 had taken place March4-7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. As the main member of DMR association, Excera has participated in IWCE exhibition for six consecutive years

After 6 years of careful cultivation, Excera has developed well in American market obtained the recognition of agents and organizations .The American branch of Excera is also established in the early stage of this exhibition. Therefore this exhibition is a milestone for the company's development in the American market.

 Praise from partners

Excera’s full series products including repeater ,mobile radio,protable radio, support full-duplex communications, with conventional DMR Tier II,analog and digital simulcast, DMR Pseudo trunk-easy trunk, trunking PDT /DMR Tier III. With the holding of the exhibition, the 4 series commercial portable radio and fire-fighting protable radio of Excera global debut which were highly praised by partners and visitors arouses extensive public attention.


The staff introduced the new product EP4xxx


The staff introduced the fire-fighting protable radio to the army representative 

Excera Tier III trunking system is developed on ETSI DMR open protocol. It is an IP-based and soft switching-adopted digital trunking system. Excera designed it to provide interconnection for base stations across various geographic areas.The R&D staff of ICOM visited Excera’s booth for Tier III trunking system in-depth exchange of views, praised its professionalism, flexibility and efficiency .

In 2019,Excera will build on the past and bring more products with advanced technology to the global private network communication industry. It's magical to see.