Delivery of almost 500 EXCERA radiotelephones from Covertech to the army

The COVERTECH company, the exclusive distributor of the EXCERA brand in Poland , announced the delivery of 405 portable DMR and 90 transportable radios with 252 programming sets under the contract concluded with the 3rd Regional Logistics Base. Delivery is the fruit of the winning tender - which the army announced in the middle of 2018. The deadline for submitting offers was postponed to the end of the summer holidays. After quite a long process of analyzing offers and submitting appeals, only on November 13 this year. the ordering party selected Covertech as the winner of the procedure in task No. 2 for mobile radio telephones.Within last 3 years Polish Police and Army have purchased in total 3914 EXCERA two-way radios.

The Covertech company delivered to the army its two flagship models of EXCERA EP5000 and EM8100 radios.

The new series of DMR EP5xxx portable radios includes three models: EP5000 - without display and keyboard, EP5500 - with a simplified keyboard, and the most extensive EP5800 with a color display and a full keyboard. Radiotelephones are compact, small size: 115x54x30mm, with full functionality. The devices are available in VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (400-470MHz) versions. The basic configuration includes a Li-Ion 2000mAh battery, charger, antenna, belt clip.The supplied radio works in the UHF band in analogue mode (11K0F3E, 16K0F3E) and in digital mode (compatible with DMR Tier II) 7K60F1E. This model has a built-in GPS, Bluetooth and Mandown module. It also allows working in the DMR Multi-Site IP Connect network. As required by the military, the radio provides DMRA ARC4 / DES / AES encryption. A special desktop charger provides up to 85% charge in just 1 hour.

Complete with worn radios there are, among others broadband antenna (tunable), speaker microphone, single-station charger fast (with the possibility of connecting to 230V electrical system and 12 / 24V vehicle electrical installation), 2 separate chargers and 2 Li-ion batteries.The EM8100 mobile radio was delivered in a complete set with a telephone loudspeaker with a keyboard, car holder, antenna kit (mobile broadband antenna, mounting base, fader of at least 5m).

EM8100 offers, among others: full duplex communication, large HD TFT 2.8 "TFT transflective displays, compliance with IP54 and MIL-STD-810 standards, operation in conventional analogue modes, conventional ETSI DMR Tier II, ETSI DMR Tier III trunking, MPT 1327, programmable IP address, ARC4 / AES encryption (option).