Urban Construction

Shijiazhuang Metro

1. Background

The first-phase project of urban rail transit line 3 of shijiazhuang city is distributed in the central urban area, and is laid along union road, China street, new shijiazhuang station and north tower road. Among them, the most important north-south east-west passenger corridor is the union road - China avenue - north tower road.The first phase of line 3 starts at the end of the roundabout of xisanzhuang station union road, west sanzhuang street junction and west sanzhuang station.A total of 17 main line stations are set up, all of which are underground stations, including zhongshan square station and line 1 transfer.

The public security, fire wireless communication system of Shijiazhuang metro line 3 is shijiazhuang city public security, fire control, within the scope of wireless communication system in metro is to strengthen the public security, fire control metro line 3 jurisdiction in shijiazhuang daily security management, to ensure that each station within the scope of a major case, fire incidents, as this line within the scope of the public security and fire commanders at all levels to provide on-site command scheduling communication security, the shijiazhuang city public security bureau and fire detachment, police station and so on public security, fire commanders at all levels to the police, fire fighters under unified command scheduling.


2.Construction Contents

(1) PDT system is composed of cluster switch, cluster base station, dispatch station, fixed and handheld stations, network management equipment, Internet shutdown equipment and antenna feeder system (leaky cable and indoor coverage system).Due to the overall consideration of wireless communication network of shijiazhuang rail public security bureau, cluster switch and Internet tube equipment use line 1 engineering equipment, line 3 cluster base station access line 1 set in the rail transit branch office cluster switch.

(2)4 carrier frequency cluster base stations 16.The metro line no. 3, in addition to the base station equipment deployment in shijiazhuang station outside of the public security communication of each underground station room, built by the cluster through the cable link to connect to the base station is located in the railway public security bureau of line 1 cluster switches, are used to implement the station within and around the station between, between the ground and underground wireless scheduling command.

(3)Establish 1 base station of 6-carrier PDT digital cluster at shijiazhuang station, and connect to the no. 1 branch switch.

(4)Build a wireless coverage network covering track, platform and station hall.

(5) Deploy 1 set of special dispatch system for line 3 in the railway public security sub-bureau for daily command and dispatch.

(6)Deploy 1 set of special network management equipment in the railway public security sub-bureau.Used for the daily management and monitoring of the communication network of the public security and fire control cluster of line 3 metro.

(7)Several fixed platforms and handheld platforms are required to deploy a set of fixed platforms at the police station and stations under the police sub-bureau of track public security. The hand-held platforms are provided by the staff on the station to complete the end communication.

3.Customer value

The public security and fire control wireless communication system of shijiazhuang metro line 3 is a relatively independent PDT digital cluster communication network, which can be operated by the exchange control center (MSC) located on line 1 and the 350MHz equipment of the municipal public security bureau through the wired network to form a unified and complete communication dispatch and command network.

The wireless communication system of public security and fire control on line 3 of shijiazhuang metro realizes the wireless communication of public security and fire control between the underground locations of the three lines and between the underground and the ground by covering the hall, platform, access channel and tunnel area of the rail transit station.

Shijiazhuang city public security bureau after the upgrade to the PDT digital trunking network in the future, will be a MSC exchange center in metro construction, metro and metro station of MSC can peer connections between exchange centre, can also according to the ministry of public security interconnection standard protocol through Internet connection, meet the city bureau of public security wireless communication command attemper the overall requirements, and make it into a whole.Whether the city USES an analog cluster network, a digital cluster network, or a module-compatible network, a unified network can be formed, as shown in the following diagram.

At present, the bureau of shijiazhuang city still adopts MPT1327 analog wireless cluster system. The digital wireless system of public security and fire control on track 3 of the newly-built subway line 1 is connected with the switching center of line 1 and connected with the municipal bureau node by the cable gateway, so as to achieve the purpose of connectivity and unified management.When the municipal bureau network is smoothly transited to the PDT digital cluster network, the rail public security branch office MSC is directly connected to the municipal bureau MSC, forming an integral PDT digital wireless cluster network.