Project of Pakistan Policemen

1. Background

Pakistan is the sixth largest population in the word and the most populous Muslin countries in the world. .The number of terrorist attacks in Pakistan has increased in recent years. Bombings, hijackings, attacks and kidnappings have happened frequently, which has attracted extensive attention from all countries around the world. Punjab is Pakistan's most populous province, and its capital, Lahore, has a population of 91.37 million by 2012.The terrorists of richer provinces Punjab and southern Sindh (where Karachi is located) are better than the north-west in Pakistan, but police men are still heavily concentrated in places with large numbers of people, such as shopping malls and restaurants, as well as stations, to conduct security checks and maintain order.

Chart 1.1 Punjab armed police patrolling

2. Requiements

As one of the initiators of the PDT alliance of China police digital cluster, Excera has the industry's leading technical level in the special network wireless communication field and is favored by the Pakistan public security. In June 2016, a joint tender formed by local partner Micro won the bidding of the wireless communication equipment procurement project of general public security bureau of Punjab province, which included 5,000 terminals. The technical requirements of the public security project are relatively high, and the products need to meet the following requirements.

Timeliness: to ensure quick response in emergency scene, the public security business requirements end-to-end business voice cluster of low latency (voice based time delay < 300 ms), voice and video applications in network congestion, the network load is higher, the network resource utilization high and emergency scenario, at the same time to ensure the high priority, such as voice and video quality of bearing and business.
Security: considering the public security business applications and the importance of business data, need to provide a full range of business security system, including, user terminal equipment authentication and certification authentication of identity authentication, user business data encryption, network transmission security, isolation and background database data protection security solution.
Compatibility: to achieve fast and efficient scheduling command, need to support both voice, images, video, GIS support concurrent business, Taiwan before and after data extraction and fusion.
Adaptability: due to the complex working environment, on the application of the public security industry terminal portability, interoperability, reliability and the volume of noise reduction need to be customized considerations and design.

3.The solution

From June 2016 to December 2017, Excera completed project delivery in three phases, and sent more than 10 engineers to participate in local technical discussion and product research successively, which made certain breakthroughs in unified dispatch and mobile police, recognized by the public security department of Punjab province.

Unified dispatching: to realize the integration and docking of various business systems, and to build a modern command system with upper and lower linkage, horizontal echo and efficient operation. Complete the information connection and business linkage of the police service, police general service, map general service, situation general service, PGIS and various police professional systems .The integrated command and dispatch system, which is visible, loud and dynamic, can synchronize the information between the command center and the police.

Mobile police: optimization provides end - to - end authentication and encryption, multi - network integration security networking solutions. Make full use of the existing site to achieve the Punjab region coverage. Patrolling, GPS positioning, to realize the terminal feedback at the first time, to confirm the time, place and site situation in case of emergency at the first time, extent to guarantee the timeliness of emergency treatment.