DMR Trunking System

EXCERA Tier III Trunking System, developed on ETSI DMR open standards, is an IP-based and soft switching-adopted digital trunking system infrastructure designed to provide interconnection for base stations across various geographic areas. Automatic roaming is available for radio units (MSs) in the network coverage. The Mobile Switching Center (MSC) in the system has its backup and each base station can operate in single site mode with less capacity when the MSC is down. MSs in the system can communicate with PSTN/PABX and SIP phones and MSs in the MPT trunking system and DMR conventional system. The Network Management System (NMS) supports SNMP and adopts (Browser/Server) B/S structure. This system provides AIS interface for further development, such as dispatching application.
Technical Features
● Adopt dual time slot TDMA technology and spectrum utilization is four times of MPT1327 system.
● Big regional coverage.
●Seamless hand-over and keep continuous communications when trans-regional.
● Support GPS positioning.
●More safety with encryption. 
●Digitalized voice and enhancing the anti-jamming ability, which ensuring the good voice quality.
Main Technical Patameters
Signaling Standard                                                         ETSI DMR/PDT
Frequency Range                                                          350-400MHZ/400-470MHZ/136-174MHZ
Working Mode                                                                TMO/RMO
Channel Space                                                              12.5KHZ/TwoTime-Slot
Modulation                                                                     4FSK
Connecting Time(Single BS)                                          <240ms
Connecting Time(Multiple BS)                                        <700ms
Networking Interface                                                       E1/IP
Access Interface                                                            10/100M Auto-adaptable Ethernet Interface
Working Voltage                                                             220V AC
Max MSC Capacity                                                         No limited
Base Station Capacity                                                    No limited
Carrier Capacity per MSC                                              More than 100
Carrier Capacity per Base Station                                 16
System Advantage
●Completely IP Design and support remote maintenance, RADC and remote software upgrade. 
●Adopt distributed and flattening design; the base station adopts unique design of transceiver hot backup, which ensures the system can be hierarchical graceful degradation. 
●The transceiver is designed independently with the features of multiple working modes, high reliability, high integration, color display, etc.
●Compatible with digital and analog mode and smooth migration.
●Optional functions (such as call forwarding, IP/E1 link hot backup) can be customized according to different requirement.