Easy Trunk


EXCERA Easy Trunk is a cost-effective digital trunking system that delivers up to 16 times the capacity of an analog conventional mobile radio system; a more cost-effective solution that allows customers to increase the capacity. All channel resources can be shared by multiple users so that the frequency utilization is improved greatly. The system can easily migrate from Tier II DMR by applying an software upgrade license to the ER9000 repeaters and connecting them via a layer-2 switch.

Technical Features

High Channel Capacity
Each single site Easy Trunk System supports up to 8 carriers and 16 calls simultaneously.
Little Carrier Interference
Dedicated control channel designed to broadcast messages among radios for little carrier interference.
P2P and Forward Dual IP Technology Designed
Ensures reliable communications in multi-sites Easy Trunk System.
DMRA AIS Supported
Easy Trunk uses the open DMRA AIS application interface to support rich applicaitons.
Fault Tolerence Designed
If a repeater is down, the remaining repeaters of the Easy Trunk System will continue to operate as trunking 
system. If the switch is down, the radio will scan all the repeaters within the system for service it wants.

Working Principle

Within Easy Trunk system, a control repeater will be assigned for idle radios to standby. When the control repeater is idle, all service requests will be made through this repeater. The control repeater then allocates a traffic channel of the service repeater for the transmitting and receiving parties to process the related service. Once the service is done, the two parties will revert to the control repeater. When all traffic channels of the service repeaters are busy, the control repeater will choose its open time slot as the traffic channel/service repeater, the radios scan repeaters within the site for services they want. Once a channel is free, another repeater within the system will be assigned as the control repeater. In addition, the system can dynamically allocate a control repeater according to the preset policy.