DMR IP Internet System


Excera DMR conventional system provides one set of audio and data integrated digital dispatching solution to help users to integrate, distribute, dispatch and manage available resources efficiently and optimize operation and management system.

Technical Features

Dispatch up to 64 sets of ER9000 repeaters
Supports mixed dispatching of analog channel and digital channel
Audio format supports PCMA & PCMU & AMBE
Support SIP protocol based convenient and flexible DMR network voice record function
Customize functions as per customers’ requirements
Up to 64  repeaters
Mixed analog & digital channels
PCMA & PCMU & AMBE auido formats
whole network Voice recording on SIP protocol 
Customized features as requested
System Services
PCMA & PCMU & AMBE Audio Format
Digital ALL call
Digital Group call
Digital Individual call
Analog Call
Remote Monitor && Ambience Listen Call
Emergency CALL & Priority CALL & Encrypt CALL
Short Data Service
Status Message
GPS Data Service
Supplementary User Data (Radio check & Radio Disable & Radio Enable & Call Alert)
Channel Switch
Username, Password
All radio voice traffic recording
GPS Data Pull Down
SIP Phone & PSTN Phone