Fireman Bone Conduction Headset with Boom MIC
  • Features

    *  Based on bone conduction technology and DSP, this enables users to receive clear voice. Compatible with other equipment (helmet, military cap, etc.) 
    *  Large-sized PTT key for enhanced convenience
    *  Flexible MIC tube enables you to adjust the MIC to the optimal position
    *  Self separation unit
    *  Easy to wear and adjust
    *  IP54 compliance
    *  Compatible Radios: EP8100, EP8000

    Bone Conduction Speaker Specifications

    Sensitivity: 77 ± 3 dB@1 kHz, 0.141 Vrms, dB re 1.0 dyne
    Normal Impedance: 20Ω ± 20%@1 kHz
    Normal Power: 91.5 ± 3 dB@1 kHz, 0.774Vrms, dB re 1.0 dyne, THD: <5%
    Microphone Specifications
    Sensitivity: -61dB@94 dB SPL, 6 mm
    Output Impedance: 2.2 kΩ@1 kHz
    Max. Working Current: 50 μA