Focus on Excera in PMR EXPO 2018

From November 27th to 29th local time, PMR Expo, the largest radio communication exhibition in Europe, was held in cologne, Germany. The exhibition once again brought together many world-renowned enterprises in the field of wireless communication. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Excera participated in the exhibition again, which perfectly demonstrated the all-around leading private network communication products and solutions. The rich product lines exhibited by Excera attracted the attention of mainstream distributors, industry users and industry professionals from Europe, the Middle East, Russia, the CIS and other regions. The influence of Excera will be a higher level in Europe.

PMR Expo represents the whole Euro market and is held annually at the cologne international exhibition center.It brings together distributors and users of public safety, transportation, service industry, enterprises and commerce in various regions every year. Attending the most professional communication exhibition in Europe is an important measure for Excera brand to lay out its global strategy and explore the European market.Excera has the industry-leading technical capability in the field of private network wireless communication, the overall solution capability of PDT, DMR and other international mainstream digital interphone, and many innovative patents in the key technologies of interphone (three-defense design, protocol stack implementation and radio frequency, etc.).


Stream Visitors of Our Booth.

In this exhibition, Excera has displayed DMR pseudo trunk and the latest leading DMR&PDT digital terminal equipments EP8xxx and EP5xxx series protable radios、EM8xxx mobile radios、ER9xxx repeaters etc products with the distinctive function, conventional industry application solutions and cluster system and so on. The highly competitive terminal digital products will extend to the global market.


Director Edmund Tay Introduces Products to Customers

In Excera booth, the latest DMR EP5000, EP5500 and EP5800 series products are displayed, which are integrated with advanced internal and external structure design concept, novel and compact appearance design, and reliable hardware performance. The full series of products fully comply with the CE and FCC international certification, and have the function of quick charging, 85% charging can be completed within one hour, upgrade and expand the rich functions, very high cost performance has attracted the attention of on-site end users and partners, competitors and users in the industry highly valued and affirmed.


Demonstrate Products to Customers

The ER9000 repeater in this exhibition is designed with 19 "1U standard cabinet size. The built-in power supply supports ac and dc power supply, 50W high-power 100% working cycle, supports multi-station IP interconnection, the software upgrade can support DMR pseudo trunk, and more portable and more light using.


Introduce Products to Customers

In recent years, Excera has become more professional in the product line of market segment and has gradually grown into a global professional communication solution and equipment supplier. Excera’s all-around leading private network communication solutions are committed to creating an open, cooperative and win-win ecosystem with customers and partners, enabling customers to calmly cope with various challenging scenarios from daily command and scheduling to public security, disaster relief and counter-terrorism. Excera grasps the development opportunity of global private network wireless communication equipment, relies on first-class research and development force, advanced management concept and manufacturing capacity, and opens up a new pattern in the field of global private network communication.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Staff Photo of Excera

Three days of PMR Expo exhibition are rapidly coming to an end. Excera harvested orders with perfect appearance, it is more importance to obtain the industry recognition and set up the enterprise brand through the professional exhibition, We are look forward to meeting again in cologne, Germany next year!